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Sanitize both your and your client's hands using a hand sanitizer.

Step 1: Application can be over Gel, Acrylic or Dip (full finish with one color).

Step 2: Apply MAGIC OMBRE FOUNDATION (1 coat/layer) and insert hand in lamp for 10-30 seconds (approximately). Product needs to be slightly dry.

Step 3: Dip 2/3 of the nail into the 2nd color powder at 45 degree angle several times. Brush off the excess powder, then repeat this step one more time. Take the ombre brush and get a small amount of the color powder to dap it on the 2/3 tip until the ombre look is achieved.

Step 4: Lightly dust off the excess powder (dust side way 2/3 tip and toward free-edge)

Step 5: Finish by applying one coat of SUPER SHINY TOP GEL (the rose gold bottle) for 60 seconds in lamp.