NITRO invented dipping powders to give women beautiful AND healthy nails.


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Nitro has launched over 460 beautiful colors of dipping powder. They are an exact match with the most popular colors on the markets; allowing a flawless dipping powder on your hands to match with the paint on your feet.
We offers exceptionally vibrant colors and neutral favorites for all seasons and occasions. Easy for nail & beauty professionals to apply, NIRTO is a simpler, quicker and healthier nail application compared to tradition acrylic and liquid gel.

Nitro's dipping glue has been used in themedical field for many years with much success. Our special liquids are odorless and designed to not irritate your eyes. Nitro Dipping System brings an added comfort and safety to technicians and customers alike.We use the most advanced Less Odor Formula in the world with medical grade and healthy materials (silk protein, vitamin A, E, B5, D3, Calcium...) in order to provide a Healthier Dip System for professionals and salon-goers to enjoy...