Nitro Powder Kit


Nitro Powder DIY Kit includes

- 2 Powder Colors of your choice (select from list above); 2 oz each
- Nitro Natural Foundation, 2 oz
- Nitro Crystal Clear, 2 oz
- Nitro Color Base, 0.5 oz
- Nitro Activator, 0.5 oz
- Nitro Glossy Top, 0.5 oz
- Free: Nitro Brush Saver, 0.5 oz; Nail File; Nail Buffer


Dip Powder Application:

  1. For natural nails: Apply Color Base and then dip it into Natural Foundation, depending on the length and strength of your nails, you could have two or three coats of this foundation
    For extension nails: For extension nails, please use Extension Foundation to blend in the tips with your natural nails and to make the nails stronger (Extra add-on option)
  2. After doing foundation and all five fingers, apply the Activator and wait 30 seconds for it to dry
  3. Once the Activator has dry, file the nail so that it would look smooth and even for us to apply our color
  4. Apply a thin layer of Color Base before dipping it into the color powder
  5. Brush up all the excess powder around and under the nail and then repeat a second coat
  6. Apply a thin layer of Color Base, then dip into Crystal Clear
  7. This will act as a protective layer but keep in mind not go to close to the cuticle so that you don't get it all over your skin
  8. Further file nails to create a smooth even surface
  9. After buffing, apply a layer of Activator before washing hands
  10. Ensure that the nails are completely dry before applying two coats of Glossy Top




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